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Initially, I sought Antoinette's services for just myself but we ended up involving BOTH my husband & I, as we approached a huge milestone in our near 40 years of marriage. We planned a move from Colorado to Idaho, which was a MAJOR undertaking. Antoinette totally helped us prepare for the big move as we were overwhelmed with just the amount of STUFF we had amassed over those 40 years (tangible, like possessions AND the emotional 'stuff' as well!!) She was superb in her ability to treat us fairly as a couple and as individuals & we are so grateful for her help as we are now over 3 years in our lovely little retirement home in the Boise, Idaho area. I really don't think we'd have made it without her help. We BOTH *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* Antoinette at Harmony Counseling Services!

Jim Twiford & Alexis Smith-Twiford

Antoinette provided both individual and group supervision to me while I was earning my clinical license.  She provided a safe and warm learning environment that was reflective in nature and helped me grow as a clinical.  She helped normalize my own counter-transference that would come for me along with teaching me helpful ways to reframe my perspective so I could be the best clinician to my clients.


I have had the good fortune of knowing and practicing alongside Dr. Gomez for many years now. I have watched her continuously strive for professional growth and achieve great success in her career, all while maintaining a focus on her clients and a passion for mental health and social justice in her community. She is a skilled, experienced clinician who also brings a human touch and level of compassion to her work that is unparalleled. I highly recommend Dr. Gomez for therapeutic and consultation services. -Sarah Rasche LCSW, PMH-C, Anchored Denver, Denver CO

Sarah RascheLCSW - Professional Colleague

I have very much respect and admiration for Antoinette. Every time we had our meeting with each other I never left without feeling like a new person. Very insightful and very sincere. My name is Patrick. And I can write a novel of how good she is as a person, and also a helluva therapist. Thank you, Antoinette, for you being you. I am so glad you came into my life when you did.

God bless you

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